Beach Tennis is a Tennis Kenya project to develop Beach Tennis sport with a bold aim: to become the leading beach sport for professional and junior athletes in Kenya and beyond

Fun at the beach

Vibrant, engaging and fast-paced, the sport is played using Beach Tennis paddles and a low compression Stage 2 'orange' tennis ball, on sand courts measuring 16 x 8 metres and a net 1.7 metres high.

Our main team members Include: Faiz Khan, Ibrahim Kibet, Fredrik Clay, Collins Oyugi and Captain Lawrence Karanja.

To understand more about our Beach Tennis programmes,   we have the Beach Tennis Information Pack which is a broad presentation covering the following elements of Beach Tennis:

1)      Beach Tennis Benefits

2)      Developing a Beach Tennis Programme

3)      ITF Beach Tennis Tours

4)      Growth of ITF Beach Tennis

5)      Applying for an ITF Beach Tennis Event

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Tennis Kenya has remained dedicated to providing top-flight programming and developmental opportunities to athletes at the coast of all ages and backgrounds. The goal, above all else, is for the athletes to learn the sport of tennis and have fun. Some of the finest athletes in the world are a part of our game – you can be a part of it too. Interested? Want to try Tennis Today? Join us and become a part of our awsome community today!