To have a country where talent and ability to play tennis is identified early and growth opportunities to be provided through nurturing and development leading to realization of individual, team and national potential & ability as well as contributing to economic growth.


To promote, manage and provide leadership and guidance in the playing of the game of tennis including lawn tennis, wheel chair tennis and beach tennis and all other forms of outdoor tennis in Kenya by making the sport relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable at the individual, county and national level.

Core Values

  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Respect for rules of sport on code of conduct, harassment and substance abuse

Key management foundations of our work

  • Better planning and strategies
  • Improvement of club, county and national level infrastructure
  • Better sports management and leadership practices

Expected outcomes of our work

  • More active junior, senior and professional players at club, county, national and international levels
  • Nurturing more junior, senior and professional champions at the club, county, national and international levels
  • Gain more devoted fans for our junior, senior and professional players at the club, county, national and international levels
  • Healthier communities
  • Increased sports contribution to national economy through sports, tourism and foreign earnings by tennis pros


Tennis Kenya has remained dedicated to providing top-flight programming and developmental opportunities to athletes of all ages and backgrounds. The goal, above all else, is for the athletes to learn the sport of tennis and have fun. Some of the finest athletes in the world are a part of our game – you can be a part of it too. Interested? Want to try Tennis Today? Join us and become a part of our awsome community today!